HP Proliant Z6000 G6, 28% Power Savings, 31% lighter - Higher Performance per Pound

When you look at HP’s new scale out servers ProLiant Z6000 G6.


you don’t see any fans or power supply. 

The module plugs into the power and cooling infrastructure


In this fact sheet.

Delivering unrestricted airflow through a shared power and cooling infrastructure in a 2U chassis lessens fan load, resulting in a 28 percent power decrease per server compared to traditional rack-based servers.(1)

and HP put the server on a scale

Removing up to 31 percent of weight per server and up to 838.5 tons of data center weight,(2) while reducing shipping as well as construction costs with a standardized, shared infrastructure.

the cabling’s been moved to front to improve access and airflow.

Reducing service and maintenance costs with front system cabling that allows easy access to key system components.

There are power sensors.


And air pressure sensors.