EDS Data Center Pictures, PUE of 1.16

I interviewed EDS’s Ed Kettler, EDS Fellow and green IT strategist, and have plenty of notes on our conversation, but not enough time right now to write about the interview.

So, for now here are pictures of EDS’s new Green Data Centers in Tulsa, OK and Wynyard, UK.

EDS reports a PUE of 1.5 – 1.7 for Tulsa, and 1.16 for Wynyard.

Some of the technology is in the cooling system and EDS has the following paper on Air Stream Containment.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

TulsaDC-May09 Aerial Photo

Wynyard, UK

Wynyard (3)  Tulsa Cooling system

TulsaDC-Cooling Tower More Cooling system in Tulsa
CDC MOD2 CRAC-South view (1)

Wynyard HV switch

Wynyard HV Switchboard (1)

Server room in Tulsa



CDC MOD1 Data Floor-South view

Server room in Tulsa

CDC MOD4 Data Floor-East view