Panel Moderator at Data Center Dynamics Seattle – Carbon: Risk or Opportunity?

I am a panel moderator at Data Center Dynamics Seattle on Aug 6, 2009 for the closing session on Carbon: Risk or Opportunity?


The session description is:

  1. PANEL: Carbon: Risk or Opportunity?
    Implementing a Strategy to Manage Your Data Center's Carbon Risk Exposure
    David Ohara, Founder and Architect - Green M3
    Leonard A. Ruff AIA, Director – Callison Architecture, 7X24 Exchange Northwest Chapter

    Global carbon regulation is arguably the largest risk and opportunity most corporations will face in the beginning of the 21st century. Voluntary and mandatory reporting protocols are emerging. Questions we will ask:

    • What does it mean in the context of the data center industry?
    • How can an organization know it’s true carbon footprint and exposure?
    • What options are available to manage corporate carbon risk?
    • What help is available from Govt. and NGOs?
    • What impact can energy efficiency programs have on reducing a corporation’s carbon footprint?
    • Where should you be on the roadmap?

I plan on using my blog to discuss this topic before the event.  If you have input feel free to comment on this topic.