What is the First Greenpeace Data Center Target? Apple? Google? Microsoft?

Datacenterknowledge blogs on how quickly Apple is building its $1 billion dollar data center.

Apple Moving Quickly on NC Project

July 28th, 2009 : Rich Miller

apple-ncApple is known for keeping its new technology secret prior to launch. So it’s not surprising that the company has had little to say about its $1 billion data center project in North Carolina. The new iData Center may not get the fanfare of a MacWorld keynote when it launches, but one thing is clear: Apple plans to move quickly to the construction phase.

“It’s my understanding that they want to have bulldozers on-site in mid-August,” said Scott Millar, execurtive director of the Catawba County Economic Development Corp. “They’re moving ahead rapidly with permitting and acquiring the land, with the intent of hitting the ground running.”

And, after writing my own blog entry on Greenpeace’s painting “Hazardous Products” on HP’s roof , the same PCWorld points out how successful Greenpeace has been in modifying Apple’s environmental position.

Greenpeace's aggressive tactics may turn off a lot of people, but they do get results. In 2006 the group launched an all-out PR war on Apple, which at the time was using PVC and BFRs in many of its products. Fast-forward to 2009, and Apple's new computer lines are virtually free of these toxic chemicals.

While Cupertino didn't exactly play nice with Greenpeace, there's little doubt the environmental group's constant badgering had an impact on Apple's green policy.

How can Greenpeace, not already have a plan in place to address Apple’s data center for its environmental impact?

Now, you could say Greenpeace why not go after Google or Microsoft?  Greenpeace could, but why haven’t they already.  It is not worth it for media coverage.  Going after Apple would get people’s attention.

If not Apple, who else makes sense to go after if you were Greenpeace?