Taking a Break from Data Centers to be with your Family (son) [in Afghanistan]

A lot of the people working in the data center operations have a military background where the discipline and training for mission critical operations is common. One individual, I have had many data center discussions with, but not recently is Lee Kirby with Lee Technologies.  Lee is currently stationed in Afghanistan for a year, and is looking quite fit.

Normally, being deployed for a year mean’s sacrificing your family time, but Lee has been able to spend time with his son Colin who is also stationed in Afghanistan.  His son writes.

Subject: PICS From family vacation
Here are the pics from the visit to A-Stan by Dad.  We went on THE BEST MISSION EVER. It's a shame that we could not be busier, but still got to see A-Stan quite a bit.
Pretty cool trip, not a lot of people can say they ever went on a combat mission with their old man/son.

Colin and Lee


Many of us are waiting to hear Lee’s stories when he returns from his tour.

Are you spending quality time with your family?