HP’s First ENERY STAR Servers

TheRegister has an article about HP and Dell’s ENERGY STAR Servers.

HP and Dell claim energy efficiency server firsts

Power test pass with a catch

By Timothy Prickett MorganGet more from this author

Posted in Servers, 6th July 2009 20:40 GMT

Getting IT vendors to agree to any standard, even one that they have a big hand in shaping, is almost impossible. And so it is with the new Energy Star specification for servers, supposedly embraced by server makers to show the energy efficiency of their metal.

The Energy Star specification for servers, which debuted in May, is designed to gauge server power consumption so IT managers can shop for the most energy-efficient machines using an agreed yardstick. In this case, a yardstick established by the US Environmental Protection Agency's popular Energy Star program.

HP has their own site for ENERGY STAR servers.



Part of the ENERGY STAR specification are data sheets.  Here are a few HP has published.

HP ProLiant DL360 G6

HP ProLiant DL380 G6

Access Power, Thermal and Utilization Parameters