Fund your Virtualization Project with Utilities' Energy Efficiency Incentives

VMware has a page useful for looking for Energy Efficiency incentives from Utilities.  This list is good to use even if you don’t use VMware.

Help Pay for Virtualization with Energy Efficiency Incentives

Virtualization is a proven solution for increasing energy efficiency, and many major utility providers now offer financial incentives for virtualization projects that result in the reduction of physical servers in the datacenter. By participating in these incentive programs, you can achieve even greater financial savings with VMware virtualization solutions while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your IT infrastructure

Several major utility providers in the United States and Canada currently offer such incentives, including:

Many other utility companies are investigating similar programs; contact your local utility provider for more information.

Energy efficiency incentives are typically paid following the completion of a qualifying server consolidation project. These incentives cover direct energy savings (cooling costs are excluded) and can result in incentives as high as $400 per server..