Green Software Unconference, Aug 19, 2009 - DCeP

Just saw tomorrow, Aug 19  is an unconference on Green Software in SJ.

An Unconference About Green Software: Exploring Its Meaning and Applications
by Zen Kishimoto

The Green Software Unconference is scheduled for August 19 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Since this is an unconference, there is no set agenda or program. But its theme is clear: What is green software and what can we do with it?

As everyone knows, IT includes many elements, such as hardware, software, systems, services, and staffs.  Yet, when it comes to green IT, most of the focus has been on hardware. For example, one aspect of green IT is to cut power consumption. When you consider the power consumption of IT equipment, you measure power consumption by hardware devices, such as servers, even though hardware devices consist of both hardware and software. Most discussions have centered on how to make hardware devices more energy efficient. The well-known data center metric PUE (power usage effectiveness) primarily concerns hardware. The newer and supposedly better metric DCeP (data center energy productivity) still measures hardware performance alone, although software running on a hardware box may make a big difference in energy efficiency.

If anyone attends, feel free to contact me and I’ll write see if I can write a blog entry.