Oracle’s Halted Data Center Construction, Would you call this Construction?

Oracle is closer to its Sun acquisition, and picking up Sun’s data center capacity.

Justice Department Clears Oracle-Sun Deal


Oracle Corp. said antirust regulators at the U.S. Department of Justice have cleared its $7.4 billion deal to buy Sun Microsystems Inc., removing a major hurdle for the transaction.

Oracle, which makes databases and other software for large corporations, has said it hopes to close the deal this summer.

I wrote this post back in July on Oracle’s data center construction.

Jul 11, 2009

IDG Publications Have You Seen Oracle’s Data Center Construction?

I had a a laugh watching the news about Oracle’s data center and the announcement by the local gov’t officials regarding the facility.  I wrote my own blog entry about the Sequoia data center presentation.

But, I’ve seen the data center site, and there hasn’t been construction this year, and the only evidence of construction is a bit of foundation work.  There is no electrical infrastructure or super structure for the data center. The below picture and press would make you think the site is a failed data center construction project put on hold.

I tried to get an aerial map from google and, but the pictures are too old to show the construction site foundation.

DataCenterKnowledge has a post referencing the local Salt Lake City paper.

Oracle Halts Utah Data Center Project
July 8th, 2009 : Rich Miller

Oracle's planned Utah Compute Center in West Jordan, Utah. State officials say Oracle has halted construction on the project.

I was able to go by the Oracle data center site this week and below are pictures.  Compared to the above rendering I would say Oracle was maybe 0.01% into construction. :-)

Below is a distance view of the site.  The site is in the lower middle of this picture.


Here is close up of the foundation.


And, here is a picture from the road.


These are probably the most boring data center pictures I’ve taken.