Mike Manos Starts his Own Business at Digital Realty, Building Data Centers to Own vs. Rent

DataCenterDynamics had news about Digital Realty Trust’s Mike Manos new Data Center Services.

DRT licences POD design packages

Data center owner operators can tap into Architecture Services led by Mike Manos


Wholesaler Digital Realty Trust (NYSE: DLR) announced POD architecture services for firm wishing to retain ownership of facilities.
The comany is opening up its design packages including design engineering guidelines, its ‘gating process’ which gives a series of sign-offs and checks during the buildling process and opening up its supply chain to offer firms lower component prices through established partnerships.

Michael Manos, who recently joined Digital Realty Trust as Senior Vice President of Technical Services, said: "These services fill a gap in the market between a pure do-it-yourself approach and leasing wholesale space from an outsourced provider such as Digital Realty Trust. Many companies want to own their own data center, but they do not have the internal skill set and experience to successfully tackle a construction project with the scope and complexity of a major data center facility. By using Digital Realty Trust's POD Architecture Services(SM), those companies can retain ownership of the facility and the process, while dramatically reducing the risks, costs and timeline by working with a team that has built hundreds of datacenters around the world."

"This is a natural extension of our business because it offers our expertise to a segment of the market that wants to own their datacenter but that needs an expert to help them build it. They are looking for someone to take responsibility for the process of building and delivering the completed project," said Chris Crosby, Senior Vice President at Digital Realty Trust. "By using our POD Architecture Services(SM), customers can utilize everything from our blueprints to our relationships with vendors - as well as the expertise that Mike Manos brings to the process. The savings in hard costs alone can total in the tens of millions of dollars."

The official press release is here.

-- Benefit from Digital Realty Trust's award-winning green datacenter and energy efficiency program and expertise.

It’s nice to see Mike’s team emphasized the green data center capabilities.