Attending Intel Developer Forum, Sept 22 - 24

I am attending Intel Developer Forum, Sept 22 – 24 next week.


Intel has energy efficiency as a big topic for data centers, mobile, and smart grid.

Eco-tech Community

See how Smart Grid technology is changing the way society generates, distributes, and manages energy — from Smart Wind Turbines, to Smart Transmission Networks, to Smart Meters, to Enterprise IT, and Smart Homes. Learn about embedded Atom Processor applications, Intel Xeon processors for Grid Modeling and Simulation, and WiMAX for Smart Grid communications. See how Home Energy Management Systems, running on either the PC, Living Room TV, or In-Home Display, are helping consumers reduce their energy costs and carbon footprints. In the Enterprise, see how much energy can be saved by utilizing the latest Xeon Processors in Data Centers, and by utilizing Intel vPro Technology, the latest Core 2 Duo Desktops, and latest Core 2 Duo Notebooks in Enterprise PC networks.

Virtualization is another big area.

Virtualization Community

Industry leaders in the Virtualization Community, located in the Technology Showcase, will highlight their latest usage models and new technologies, all aimed at adding value to virtualization solutions and the enterprise cloud. Virtualization has become a key enabler of innovation in the dynamic data center. Come see how we are expanding IT capabilities with increased product offerings, new usage models, and flexible infrastructure solutions to meet customers’ ever-changing business requirements. Join these leaders to discuss the next generation of virtualization and enterprise cloud technologies in IT.

If you think you will be at IDF feel free to send me an email and we can try and meet at the show.