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Web Hosting Industry Review has a poll up and part of the selection is data center designer.


I think it bears rewarding the person that is doing a lot for data center design, taking on and completing a particularly interesting/difficult project, or introducing important new ideas - as I mentioned before, this could probably cover the green category as well.

Rob Roy
CEO and founder of Switch Communications is the formerly secretive force behind the SuperNAP in Las Vegas, a 407,000 square-foot facility promising 100 percent uptime through a tremendous investment in infrastructure and design.

Jordan Jacobs
Director of operations for PhoenixNAP, an interesting project particularly because, according to Jacobs, they set out to build a facility that could provide top end, super-redundant colocation at a price within the means of smaller customers (including hosting providers).

Olivier Sanche
The former eBay senior director of data center services and strategy was recruited last week by Apple to be its director of global data center operations. He's taking on a role that will have him involved in Apple's under-construction $1 billion data center in North Carolina, obviously a very significant facility, if just in terms of the investment, but probably in terms of how it will be employed.

Michael Manos
Senior vice president of technical services at data center company Digital Realty Trust, Manos joined the company earlier this year after previously leading the design, construction and operation of data centers at Microsoft.

Dean Nelson
founded the influential Data Center Pulse community. He very recently left Sun Microsystems to become eBay's senior director of global data center strategy, architecture and operations. He is also the co-author the Sun Blueprint, "Energy Efficient Datacenters: The Role of Modularity in Datacenter Design," and won Sun's 2008 Innovation Award.

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