Where to look for Cloud Computing Review?

You run a Google Search on “cloud computing review” and you won’t find what you are looking for a site that has a review of the cloud computing offerings from the various vendors.

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  2. Technology Review: Computer in the Cloud

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  3. Technology Review: Vulnerability Seen in Amazon's Cloud-Computing

    Oct 23, 2009 ... New research reveals how to find would-be victims within cloud hardware.
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Above are the top 5 entries all from 2007 or 2008, except for the one that is from 2009, but it is there because the publication is Technology Review, published by MIT.

Why are not all the top 5 entries from 2009? 

Why is there not a site with keywords for cloud computing review?

The professional analysts should have something, but maybe not.  There will be some information, but the way the industry analysts work is you need to pay to have your technology in the reports.  The Cloud Computing is anti-corporate IT, so why pay to marketed by the analysts community.  Also, the technology is moving so fast, if you don’t use a blogging style update, you’ll be out of date as as you format the professional looking PDF.

Part of the problem discussing cloud computing is the complexity of what it takes to provide cloud computing services.  I haven’t met a media person who I think could understand the complexity, let alone interview someone who does.

In many ways, it is like you were asked to review the CIO’s services and their ability to meet its users demand.  Yet, the CIO doesn’t even understand how their systems work to provide a cloud computing type of service.

DataCenterKnowledge references a post by GigaOm on creating a cloud computing exchange.

Hedging Your Options for the Cloud

By Joe Weinman Dec. 13, 2009, 9:00am

With the second decade of the millennium now just weeks away, I thought I’d offer up some possibilities for the cloud computing market as it continues to evolve. Cloud services — whether infrastructure, platform or software — share similarities with other on-demand, pay-per-use offerings such as airlines or car rentals. But what’s past in those industries may be prologue for the cloud. Here are some key aspects of those services that could become integral to the cloud in the coming decade:

Without a site to review the technical capabilities of the different cloud computing sites, it will be tough for people to judge the value based on the price.  Commodity trading works because it is a commodity.  Are cloud computing services a commodity?  Not yet, and let’s hope there isn’t some gov’t agency who takes it on as a task to define the unity of cloud computing to be traded.

One site found is onCloudComputing which had a bunch of news aggregated, and looks like a sales lead system.  After a bunch of probing on the site it appears this is a front end marketing engine for http://www.appirio.com/  but it is tough tell who onCloudComputnig is running onCloudComputing.

onCloudComputing focuses on advising businesses how to use Best of Technology to meet their business aims. In addition to providing advice, onCloudComputing also implements, deploys, and administer CloudComputing systems on the behalf of its clients. If you are planning to launch a cloud we can help you in attaining the same matching your plan and budget.  Contact onCloudComputing Now

If anyone knows of a cloud computing review site, please comment, and I’ll be happy to write a blog post and credit the discovery.