IT Professionals predict Mobile and Cloud Technologies will dominate by 2015, but where will IT professionals be?

IBM has research that supports the view the future is Mobile and Cloud Computing.

IBM Survey: IT Professionals Predict Mobile and Cloud Technologies Will Dominate Enterprise Computing By 2015

Trends Signal Shift in Skills Necessary for Businesses to Drive Growth

ARMONK, N.Y. - 08 Oct 2010: Information technology professionals predict that mobile and cloud computing will emerge as the most in-demand platforms for software application development and IT delivery over the next five years, according to a new IBM (NYSE: IBM) survey released today.

The 2010 IBM Tech Trends Survey, conducted online by IBM developerWorks, provides insight into the most significant enterprise technology and industry trends based on responses from 2,000 IT developers and specialists across 87 countries.  
IBM Survey: IT Professionals Predict Mobile and Cloud Technologies Will Dominate Enterprise Computing By 2015
According to the survey, more than half of all IT professionals – 55 percent -- expect mobile software application development for devices such as iPhone and Android, and even tablet PCs like iPad and PlayBook, will surpass application development on all other traditional computing platforms by 2015.

But with this paradigm comes an agile, competitive environment.  Which for a risk adverse IT professional can be pretty scary.

How much of the cloud computing growth is fueled by those business units frustrated by internal IT departments? 

How many users love the iPad, iPhone, Android phone because there is little IT involvement?

Blackberry's were top in popularity because IT departments can manage the devices.  How many iPhone and and Android users wish they could go back to their Blackberry?

Those IT departments who stick to the past and slow down the enterprise will have direct affect on the competitiveness of a company.

The future will have by 2015 a major company that suffers a catastrophic data center/IT outage that will cripple its business and market cloud just like BP. The nimble companies like Facebook and Foursquare quickly address their outages and are transparent with fixes.

Foursquare and Facebook Experience Downtime. World Continues to Spin.

Foursquare? The world found out Monday when the location-based social network went down due to technical difficulties -- not atypical for fast-growing startups, but still concerning at a time when Facebook and other rivals would gladly take its place.
Total downtime was around 11 hours all told," reports TechCrunch. "That's not good."


What's more, "Foursqaure isn't the only one experiencing downtime lately," VentureBeat points out. "Facebook recently had its worst downtime in 4 years when the service was unavailable for 2.5 hours."

I think the dominant technologies by 2015 are those who can survive outages. 24X7 is much harder in a cloud computing mobile world as people are connecting more than ever.