HP integrates new servers with POD containers for faster, cheaper, smaller IT solutions

HP announced new servers for solution providers.


Accelerate application performance and efficiency for service providers

When supporting a business model based on large-scale application service delivery, service providers need to consider every CPU, millisecond, watt, dollar and square foot to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The new HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System features a common modular architecture that can scale from one node to thousands while delivering breakthrough energy efficiency and performance of up to 1 teraFLOPS per unit of rack space. This standard platform can be highly customized and tuned with the HP ProLiant SL390s G7 server and HP ProLiant SL170s G6 server to meet varying application demands, such as high-performance computing, web services, cloud computing and hosting.

As part of HP's Converged Infrastructure.


HP is targeting the solution provider market with this current announcement.

HP Datacenter Environmental Edge

HP POD-Works and HP PODs are ideal for any service provider / enterprise customer requiring:

  • Quick IT deployment using HP POD-Works and HP Factory Express
  • Pay as you grow to minimize up front capital outlay - add additional HP PODs as you need more datacenter space
  • Decrease operating expenses with PUEs as low as 1.25

HP POD meets demanding requirements for service providers

  • High efficient power distribution delivering 3-phase power through the HP POD, 240V within racks, and supporting N+N power redundancy
  • Easily accommodates very dense IT deployments supplying up to 600kW in a 40ft/12m HP POD, and 290kW in a 20ft/6m HP POD