HP's 6 Global Delivery Hubs with Data Centers

HP Enterprise Services announced its 6 Global delivery hubs.

HP Expands Best Shore Global Sourcing Model; Names Six Global Delivery Hubs

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 10, 2010

HP Enterprise Services today announced the expansion of Best Shore – its global services delivery model – by designating six countries as global delivery hubs that will grow to support increasing client demand for cost-efficient, scalable services that effectively meet business needs.

This expansion is part of the $1 billion investment HP announced in June to transform and grow its Enterprise Services business.

Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia and the Philippines are the designated delivery hubs. These mature HP Best Shore locations operate in time zone-relevant countries and will offer a significant employee base that can deliver various highly scalable services to clients across the globe. These centers also will offer multiple capabilities in each location, including applications, infrastructure technology and business process outsourcing services.

In this announcement there is no mention of data centers. But, how can you put 6 Global enterprise services organizations as a hub without a data center. Digging a bit I found the announcement about the Malaysia facility. and found the data center part.

Built on sustainable design principles, this 60-acre campus represents another investment the company is making to drive strategic growth in Asia. Serving global HP Enterprise Services clients, the center is home to one of six HP Best Shore global delivery hubs and, as part of future investment plans, will house a client-centric HP Next Generation Data Center. Driving HP innovation and addressing internal business needs, this global center also boasts an internal HP Global Application Development and Support Center and a HP Global Finance Center.

if you check out this video about the Malaysia facility you can see it needs the 24x7 service requirements of a data center as part of the service is NOC and customer support services.

I've taken many trips to Southeast Asia back when I was developing Southeast Asia fonts for Win3.1.  Malaysia has the space to support data centers and customer support facilities.  Singapore is often discussed as a location for data centers due to its network access, but building big data centers in Singapore is tough.

Here is an HP video of the Russelheim data center.