The Greenest Data Center Dynamics London Conference

I was fortunate to sit on a panel with Stephen Worn.  Stephen came to St Louis straight from London to present on the convergence of renewable energy and data centers.

Here is Missouri Senator Kit Bond with Stephen discussing Green/renewable energy data centers.


DataCenterJournal reports on DCD London.

Color London Green

THURSDAY, 11 NOVEMBER 2010 05:52


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For any entity or individual wanting to explore the realm of the green data center, London was a center of information.
DatacenterDynamics 2010 was held earlier this month at the Lancaster Hotel in London and featured experts like Derek Webster, head of data center development with Yahoo; Raimo Peres, vice president of Deutsche Bank; and many other luminaries. The conference considered areas like energy efficiency, cloud computing and virtualization, capacity planning, technologies like free cooling and UPS design innovation, and so on. One of the major focus areas was the Carbon Reduction Commitment. The U.K. government recently stated that it does not intend to reallocate the collections made from the carbon reduction tax. This issue was debated extensively at the DatacenterDynamics event.
The emphasis on green IT was apparent in many of the addresses given by various industry leaders. For example, George Adams, Engineering Director with SPIE Matthew Hall, spoke about Project Merlin, which produced a low PUE design. Two senior-level ABB executives discussed the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

Note this news on the Carbon Reduction Commitment tax.

About 81% of the respondents to a survey conducted by DatacenterDynamics stated that they were concerned about the ambiguity surrounding the Carbon Reduction Commitment tax. In the same survey, almost half the respondents also felt that this tax could drive data center investment out of the U.K.

I wish I could be at DCD London, but Stephen did come to St. Louis and we had a good catching up over awesome steaks and wine at Annie Gunn's.

Annie Gunn's is known for its' heartwarming, nurturing, robust dishes that encourages us through another gloomy St. Louis winter.