Electricity for a Data Center from Hamsters or Biomass, Missouri Senator Kit Bond votes for Biomass

I just got back from a long 5 days in Missouri, (Mi zoor ah).  Mi zoor ah is in general the pronunciation used by the Republicans in the state and Mi zoor ee is by the Democrats.  Senator Kit Bond is a highly recognized Republican in the state.

"Serving Missouri has been my life's work. I have walked the land, fished its rivers and been humbled by the honesty and hard work of our people. The highest honor is to receive and safeguard the public trust" - Kit Bond.

Christopher S. "Kit" Bond is a sixth generation Missourian, born in St. Louis in 1939. He grew up in Mexico, MO, where he still resides and tends to several groves of trees he planted by hand.

I was on a panel right after Senator Kit Bond's keynote presentation on renewable energy and data centers.  I met the Senator and discussed the idea of the "grass fed data center" fueled by Missouri Biomass.

Below is a video that gives you an idea of the Senator's vision. 

Senator Kit Bond discusses the potential of using Biomass to fuel data centers in Missouri which is getting traction with a lot of potential potential clients as the Senator mentions.

Soon there is going to be a biomass powered data center and with efforts like Senator Kit Bond the momentum continues to build.

One of the humorous parts was the Senator making the point the Internet is not powered by hamsters.  But if you had few billion of these little guys you might get close to a megawatt of power.