anti-Green Brown Energy supported by Coal lobbyist, affect future data centers

Greenpeace has been attacking Facebook on its use of coal power in the Prineville, OR data center.

The social networking site chose the high-desert timber town of 10,000 to take advantage of its cool nights and dry air in hopes of making its first-ever data center an energy efficiency landmark.

But the concept failed to impress Greenpeace.

In a report posted on the Internet last month, the environmental group praised Google and Yahoo for tapping hydro power - but challenged Facebook for building in coal country.

Greenpeace has a 500,000 plus Facebook community in English, French, and Spanish.  Will the Coal lobby start a 100% coal energy Facebook page?  Here is news on the Coal Lobbyists.

Coal Industry Spending to Sway Next Congress

Published: October 29, 2010

WASHINGTON — The coal industry, facing a host of new health and safety regulations, is spending millions of dollars in lobbying and campaign donations this year to influence the makeup of the next Congress in hopes of derailing what one industry official called an Obama administration “regulatory jihad.”



The Coal Shovel

Political spending by the coal industry is on track to exceed that of the 2008 cycle, when the presidency was at stake and Congress appeared determined to move forward with a national energy policy designed to address climate change by cutting back on the use of coal and petroleum.

Over the last two years, the coal industry, along with its allies in oil and gas, electric utilities, manufacturing and agriculture, effectively killed any prospects for climate change legislation in the near future.

Will a pro-coal lobby make it easier to build coal powered data centers? Don’t expect a pro-coal government to make Greenpeace to back-off.

Greenpeace’s recent actions have made many reconsider carbon impact in site selection. 

Can you afford a high carbon data center?