GreenM3 metrics on Olivier Sanche passing away post

48 hours after learning my dear friend Olivier passed away, I am not more than 10 miles from his home in Los Gatos, 5 miles from his office in Cupertino, and would normally have been thinking about what we will talk about in a 45 minute conversation.  But, he is not here.  He is in France with his family, and I'll never see him again.

It was fun helping to increase Olivier's visibility in the industry.  it's sad to tell the industry he is gone at 41.

I've been watching the web traffic on what has been discussed and how the news has spread.

Here is my web traffic over the last few days to  The last 48 hours has seen my web traffic 4-5x increase, beating any other post traffic, including his joining Apple and big announcements by Google.  Note: the blog traffic on 12/01 is not a complete day and will most likely double.


According to Google Analytics 12% of the traffic to the post is coming from Apple domains and 4% eBay domains (his most recent employers).  Note; the actual traffic from each of those companies is much higher as many employees access blog posts not from work.


PCmag has an Apple statement about Olivier.

Apple Data Director Dies Of Heart Attack


Olivier Sanche, Apple's eco-minded director of global data centeroperations, died of a heart attack last Thursday at the age of 41.

"We are saddened by Olivier's passing. We will miss him tremendously and our thoughts are with his family," said an Apple spokesperson.

The Twitter activity has been high which is what I think contributed to PCmag writing, and news continues to spread.!/search/olivier%20sanche


CNET news has a blog post.

Apple data center chief dies at 41

by Greg Sandoval

Olivier Sanche, Apple's chief of global data centers

(Credit: Olivier Sanche's Facebook page)

Olivier Sanche, the man who oversaw Apple's global data center operations, died on Thursday, Apple has confirmed.

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