Dell DCS Cloud Evangelist, Barton George

One of the main lessons I learned and had ingrained in my thinking when I worked for Apple is focusing on quality and not quantity.  This same idea rubs off when I pick who I look to network with. I have only 157 twitter followers, 1,200 RSS subscribers to  my linkedin connection is only 200, and 80 Facebook friends.

There are many who want these numbers to be as big as possible.  I don’t really care about the quantity as much as the quality.

One of the good connections I found only a few weeks ago is Barton George who blogs at


What I do, and have done, for a living

Last year I joined Dell as their cloud computing evangelist.  As such I act as Dell’s ambassador to the cloud computing community (I had to supply my own sash).  I also work with analysts and press and am responsible for messaging as well as blogging and tweeting (you can follow me on twitter at barton808 and you know where my blog is).

Prior to Dell I spent 13 years at Sun Microsystems in a variety of roles from manufacturing to product and corporate marketing.  My last three years there I spent as an Open Source evangelist, avid blogger, and driver of Sun’s GNU/Linux strategy and relationships.

I was lucky to connect with Barton at Gartner DC LV and after an hour or so chatting he asked to interview me to discuss the data center ecosystem.

The Data Center ecosystem of players

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As I mentioned in a recent entry, last week I attended the Gartner Data Center conference where I learned a ton.  One of the folks I learned a lot from was Dave Ohara who consults in the data center arena.  Dave is uber connected in this space and pens the blog, Green (low carbon) Data Center blog.  Dave provided a bunch of introductions while I was there and sat down with me to do the following short video on the ecosystem of data center players.

Some of the ground that Dave covers:

  • What he covers in his blog Green Data Center
  • How do you go about building a data center and who are the players in each phase e.g site selection -> architecture/engineering design -> construction…
  • What are some of the key disruptions coming to this long standing industry e.g. cloud, Google

I am looking forward to future conversations with Barton as he learns more about data centers.  And my learning what Dell DCS’s group is doing in cloud computing.