Dell Data Centers in China

Some friends have been asking about what is going on in China with data centers.  For a while I have been kind of lazy knowing studying China is not easy and difficult.  Always up for a good challenge when someone asks a question, I started digging and have now added "China" category.

Here is Dell's plans for a data centers in China.

Dell Plans To Build Two New Data Centers In China

November 16, 2010 | Category: Business, Computing

The international PC maker Dell, who is on its way of transferring to a services and solutions provider, has announced plans to build two new data centers in China within one year.

Steve Schuckenbrock, president of large enterprise for Dell, said at a press conference in Hong Kong that Dell will keep an open attitude towards acquisitions. Its acquisitions will focus on appropriateness, instead of scale. Schuckenbrock emphasized that Dell will keep investing in the Chinese market and will continue to enlarge its recruitment in China.

Dell previously announced that it will build its second Chinese operation center, integrating manufacturing, customer service and sales, in Chengdu; and promised to invest USD100 billion in China in the next ten years. The investments will be used for purchase, production construction, and recruitment.

Here is the specific Dell Data Center announcement.

Rong revealed that Dell will build data centers in China within one year, in the form of joint ventures to make them be consistent with Chinese laws and regulations. However, Rong did not disclose which company Dell will cooperate with to build the data centers and the detailed investments for the data centers.

It is much too complex to discuss in one blog entry the issues for building data centers in China.  The good thing is Dell, HP, IBM, Digital Realty Trust and Equinix are all starting data center projects in China.

With China's investment in renewable energy we can hope green data centers will be a priority as China plans its future data center growth.