Equinix expands its Hong Kong IBX in 2011 and partners in Shanghai

Equinix is expanding in 2011 in Hong Kong with 1,450 rack capacity in HK2.  Assuming 5kW/rack that's about 7.5 MW of IT load.  China Tech News covers the Equinix Hong Kong expansion.

Equinix Plans Data Center In Hong Kong

November 22, 2010 |

U.S.-based Equinix Inc. announced plans to spend USD63 million to build its second international business exchange data center, HK2, in Hong Kong.

The new IBX data center will provide total capacity for more than 1,450 cabinet equivalents. Targeted for opening in the third quarter of 2011, the USD20 million first phase of the HK2 IBX center will offer an initial 450 cabinet equivalents.

Also mentioned is Shanghai.

launched a new market in Shanghai with its partnership with Shanghai Data Solutions.

Shangai Data Solutions is the Equinix partner.

  • SH1 Shanghai: Equinix Partner Data Center

Shanghai, the largest city in China, is the home to a vast base of multinational corporations because of its sophisticated infrastructure and a pool of English speaking labor force. It is also one of the largest commerce and financial centers in China.

Equinix customers looking for premium colocation services in the region, especially those in the enterprise and financial segments can leverage Equinix through its Shanghai Data Solution (SDS) strategic data center partnership.

The partnership for Equinix makes a lot of sense to get access to the China Network.


IDX has realized the network connection with six domestic Tier1 operators (including CTC, CNC, CUC and CM etc.). Besides, Data Solution can also provide users with multi-line access service including ATM、SDH、DDN and E3 supplied by major foreign operators like AT&T and SingTel to well meet different requirements of users.

  SDS IDX, besides its traditional access service, also provides BGP access to solve    single outlet fault and realize the mutual connection of operators.

  SDS's BGP access is capable of high-end access service of connecting with multiple    internet operators simultaneously and enjoys such superiorities as line stability, high    security and network availability and self load balancing etc.

  SDS has completed its BGP connection with CTC, CNC and CUC.


Here is something you don't see often the Power System design.


The power supply of the data center includes utility power supply and emergency power supply
Utility power: double-circuit heteroclinic power supply


Emergency diesel power generator set

  Single unit power capacity exceeding 2,000KVA with the general system meeting    Tier4 standard

  N+1 backups of diesel generator set

  Equipped with oil tanks of sufficient capacity including underground oil tank outdoors    daily oil tank at power generator room and all oil pump facilities including oil pump and    oil pipe etc


(3+1) backup in the 1st phase to be expanded to 2(3+1)in the latter phase

UPS main frame and batteries are physically separated

MGE Galaxy 6000 series supply clean and stable power

Duel-conversion operating pattern supplies clean output waveform

12 pulse + active power filter with THDI controlled within 3%


Power supply and distribution system

  Full redundancy power supply system can completely meet Tier4 standard

  Complete set of Suhneider framework low-voltage switch system

  GE 4000A PC-level with bypass ATS


The above power supply system is located on the two sides of the power area on the 1st floor with solid wall standing in the middle for separation. In this way, even if one side of the floor explodes or is destroyed, the power supply system on the other side is still capable of providing the hosting room with power not lower than Tier3 standard. In one word, SDS’s IDX hosting room has, in a real sense, realized redundancy backup for every part of power supply system.

Measures for Emergency Power Cutoff

  The other transformer station starts to work if one transformer station goes wrong

After the two-circuit utility power is cut off and before the emergency power generator starts to work, UPS is capable of full-load operation for 30minutes(normally, UPS does not conduct full-load operation; so, in case of emergency, UPS is capable of supporting about 1hour power supply)

  The alternate diesel power generator set is automatically started for power supply (with    parallel operating system and load management system)

It takes less than 15seconds from the generator set receives the order to support the rated load; and the total capacity of oil tanks is capable of supporting the full-load operation of power generator for not less than 48hours

  When the oil tank reserve of diesel generator goes lower than the alarm line, it will be    shuttled to the nearest oil station for more oil; when at the pre-set alarm line, shuttle    will be used to add more oil

   Notes: we enjoy the high authority of oil station; roundtrip is about 15minutes.