Modular Data Center Momentum builds, Dell and Ascent projects

Dell announced the start of Tier 5 using the Dell Modular Data Center solution.

Tier5 first to fire up Dell’s 3rd-gen Modular Data Center

Last week, Tier5 who has taken over an old Mitsubishi facility in Adelaide was the first company globally to deploy Dell’s third generation Modular Data Center.  Tier5 is an eight-person start up that is turning the former auto plant into a state-of-the-art data center park to be leased by wholesale tenants including managed service providers, resellers and large users.

Instead of building out a traditional data center Tier5 went with Dell’s Modular Data Center (MDC) which snaps together like ginormous Legos allowing systems to be up and running in as little as a week.  The MDC’s modular nature also allows capacity to be added incrementally as needed.

For a great overview, check out the short video that ITNews did at the opening press conference on Tuesday.


To get Tier5 exactly what they wanted Dell’s DCS team worked collaboratively with the Tier5 engineers over a period of nine to 10 months to nail down the exact specs.  As Tier5 founder Marty Gauvin said, “Our engagement with Dell DCS was enormously collaborative.  We were able to achieve our objectives in a very collaborative way, and then go beyond them.”

Ascent just announced their anchor tenant for their CH2 facility.

Ascent Corporation Builds Out First Dynamic Data Center Suite™ in Chicago CH2 Data Center

CHICAGO, Dec., 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascent Corporation, a leading provider of comprehensive data center solutions, has signed a FORTUNE 100 multimedia company as the first tenant of its Chicago CH2 Data Center. Ascent will provide a custom-built autonomous suite offering up to 4MW of critical power, which will enable the tenant to develop and expand its services within a highly efficient, completely autonomous data center space.

CH2 is a multi-tenant data center facility in Northlake, Illinois that offers autonomous Suites featuring customized infrastructure for companies seeking to build or lease data center space via Powered shell or Turnkey Infrastructure. Each CH2 data center suite will provide its tenant with an independent secured entrance, dedicated shipping area, and non-shared infrastructure and support space. Tenants can choose from a wide range of design options, including power density, Tier level and operational services.

"Our ability to quickly sign the anchor tenant for CH2 is a real validation of our product and the continued strength of the greater Chicago market," said Phil Horstmann, CEO, Ascent Corporation. "The autonomous suite model has proved to be very popular with customers that want a customized, build-to-suit data center space that takes advantage of hyper-entitled data center attributes.  By letting our tenants control their Suites' design parameters, we can provide them with a flexible, cost-effective custom data center solution that maximizes energy efficiency with no capital outlay through a turnkey lease."

I’ve been to the CH2 Ascent facility, and it will be interesting to see who is the next tenant and whose modular data center design will be used.

CH2 Data Center Rendering