One Role to Rule All Server HW, Facebook's Manager of Supply Chain Operations

I've run some analysis thanks to a variety of contributors on the Facebook Server count and the number is bigger than anybody else I have seen discuss.  Over 100,000 servers.  When server counts get that high managing them takes a different type of person than the purchasing department.

I found this job posting on Facebook for Manager, Supply Chain Operations.  The Facebook guys have identified a Wal-mart type of supply chain manager.

Manager, Supply Chain Operations

Facebook is seeking a seasoned leader to be responsible for managing the Supply Chain Operations organization and supplier/partner strategy for all Facebook server suppliers. This includes strategic direction applied to tools development, supplier performance management, vendor relationships, and business processes. This is a full-time position based at our headquarters in Palo Alto.


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  • Manages up to ensure executives are informed of a partner performance/development/investment/escalation/negotiation approach

  • Manages a complex supplier, and fully understands the interdependencies and the impact to the business.

  • Responsible for the commercial relationship with the partner

  • Consults and partners with others, offers views and advice that add value and perspective to situations

  • Jointly responsible for supplier sourcing strategy, including risk mitigation

  • Responsible for partner based strategy – including industry understanding and driving competitive advantage for Facebook

  • Responsible for delivering a supplier’s productivity and overall cost performance

  • Responsible for benchmarking a supplier’s costs globally. Delivers and identifies a supplier’s pipeline productivity