Skype’s Platform Push

Some of my data center friends have been making the switch to Skype, and here is some posts that mention Skype’s efforts to staff up to be a cloud computing platform.

TechCrunch covers the hiring efforts at Skype.

Skype Staffing Up For A Big Push To The Cloud

As Skype prepares for an IPO in the next year, the VoIP company has been looking for new ways to expand its business both in terms of revenue and product development. One avenue the company is exploring to bring in more revenue is throughenterprise offerings, via B2C and B2B offerings. However, it looks like Skype will be moving its VoIP offerings to the cloud.

Note the hiring efforts for cloud and web technology engineers.

We spotted these job postings on Skype’s website, indicating that the company is looking to build a team of cloud and web technology engineers. According to the postings, these staff members will “build an infrastructure capable of supporting hundreds of millions of users.” The products, will deliver “voice, video, chat and presence” to the web and “enable radically new Skype applications.”

GigaOm covers Skype’s copying NetFlix to a be a platform.

How Netflix Shaped Skype’s Platform Strategy

By Michael Wolf Jul. 1, 2010, 5:20pm PDT 1 Comment

Skype quietly announced SkypeKit, an SDK for CE manufacturers last week, to push Skype services beyond the PC. However, it wasn’t until the following day when Jonathan Christensen, the General Manager and Head of Platform at Skype, talked in depth about the company’s plans to mimic Netflix by following a platform-centric approach did the company’s broader intentions become clear.