Apple’s Data Center Video goes from 25,000 to 73,000 views in 24 hrs, then 92,000 another 24 hrs

I blogged two days ago about Apple’s Data Center Video reading 25,000.  Well 24 hours later it has reached 73,000 views, and in another 24 hrs 92,000.


Apple Security is going to have an interesting challenge keeping pictures from leaking out of Apple’s new data center in Maiden NC.

Apple is famous for its tight security.

Inside Apple's Secret Manufacturing Plants


Ever wonder how Apple manages to keep security so tight around products like the iPad? It all comes down to fingerprint-recognition scanners and lock-down security at the industrial forts that make its products. Here, a behind-the-scenes look at life in those high-tech fortresses.

And, even has a rule of no metal taken out of the plant.

"Security is tight everywhere inside the factories," said a uniformed worker outside the Foxconn factory in Longhua, about an hour from Hong Kong. "They use metal detectors and search us. If you have any metal objects on you when you leave, they just call the police," he said.

When will we see a mobile camera shot from inside the Apple data center?  I don’t think Apple can have a rule that there are no cell phones allowed in the construction site.

The silly thing is a layman wouldn’t know the inside of a data  center.  And, during construction it isn’t too exciting.


And, even when you do look in a data center finished with equipment how exciting is this?


Microsoft had a data center tour with the BBC in Oct 2008 to try and make it exciting to the BBC audience.  The Apple data center video is probably 10 times the amount of viewership of the BBC video below, because it had the viral aspect of being discussed by a bunch of other media and bloggers.