DOE Energy Storage Systems Program Study, a guide for Data Centers too

This post covers the stock investment opportunities for Grid-based Energy stocks.

Grid-Based Energy Storage; A $200 Billion Opportunity

John Petersen
Yesterday a reader sent me a copy of an exhaustive new study titled "Energy Storage for the Electricity Grid: Benefits and Market Potential Assessment Guide" that was commissioned by the DOE's Energy Storage Systems Program and prepared by Jim Eyer and Garth Corey. I've been following the work in progress on this report since last summer and have eagerly awaited the opportunity to shift my focus away from the overhyped electric vehicle sector and focus on something with real meat. It looks like my time has finally come. For technology types that want a detailed understanding of what the various potential utility-scale applications for energy storage are, the entire 232 page report is a must read. Over the next few weeks I'll try to extract critical market data and translate that information into a form that will be useful to energy storage investors.

And, the author identifies investment opportunities.

Eyer Translation.png

For Data Centers though the DOE report is useful too.

The following is buried in section 8.1.5.

The primary purpose for this guide is to provide analysts with a framework for evaluating storage prospects for specific value propositions, including guidance about identifying and ascribing value to specific benefits that serve as building blocks for value propositions. Ideally, this framework will provide the foundation, and possibly the mindset, needed to recognize and characterize attractive value propositions.

Section 2.1 covers in data centers what would be discussed as power back-up systems.