Google Android’s team adds web expert Tim Bray as "developer advocate" for open web mobile experience

The battle being Google and Apple is reaching a media high point. Tim Bray, XML co-creator has joined Google as developer advocate and the media is highlighting the competitive move.

Tim Bray lands on Android team

Posted by Dana Blankenhorn @ 6:12 am

XML co-creator Tim Bray has joined the exodus from Oracle and landed at Google, as a “developer advocate” for the Android.

Bray, who like tech titans Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, was born in 1955 (as was this humble blogger), is now expected to be a much more familiar face to reporters, contrasting what he calls Android’s open development vision with the Apple iPhone’s “sterile Disney-fied walled garden surrounded by sharp-toothed lawyers.”

Tim Bray is a well known blogger and he writes on his move to Google.

How? · Google and I have been a plausible match for a long time. Web-centric, check. Search,check. Open-source, check. The list goes on. We’ve talked repeatedly over the years, but the conversations all ended at the point when I said “...and I don’t want to move to the Bay Area”.

Being an experienced tech guy, born in 1955 he gets the importance of energy efficient computing.

I’m not going to stop worrying about concurrent programming, because our failure to equip developers to do it right is going to bite our asses just as hard in the mobile space as anywhere else. Maybe harder, since mobiles are power-starved by definition and current data seem to show that slower many-core CPUs give you more computing per milliwatt.

Combine the energy efficiency focus in Android Mobile with Urs Hoelzle data center team, and there are huge synergies for energy efficient systems.

He who can use less energy for the same performance and capability has the advantage.