OMG+ Spanish & English Facebook pages promoting 100% renewable energy is 312,216 members

It has been interesting watching the growth of the 100% renewable energy page for Facebook.

6 of 178,408 members

One member pointed out the Spanish page.

Eoin Dubsky Less than a month, and we're ** over 300,000 ** strong: 175,938 members here + 127,696 members in the Spanish language group

The Spanish page is at 133,000.

6 of 133,808 members

178,408 + 133,808 = 312,216

And still growing.

Many discount the power of a Facebook group.  But, there are probably 300,000 more people know knew about this topic before it reached Facebook group. Maybe 312,216 in the data center world.

I am sure Facebook PR is hoping this issue will die away, but Greenpeace is going to work hard to keep this topic going.