Google Goes Nuclear to increase its defense capabilities, April Fools

Today is Mar 31, but April 1, April Fool's is right around the corner.

Techcrunch has a post on Google's new nuclear acquisition.

Exclusive: Google To Go Nuclear

by Michael Arrington on Mar 31, 2010

Google has acquired a company that has created a new process for highly efficient isotope separation, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. The primary use of this technology, say experts we’ve spoken with, is uranium enrichment.

Enriched uranium is a necessary ingredient in the creation of nuclear energy, and one source we’ve spoken with at Google says that this is part of the Google Green Initiative. The company will use the new technology to enable it to design and possibly build small, mobile and highly efficient nuclear power generators. “Google has already begun building an enrichment plant,” says a high ranking IAEA source.

The story continues implying that Google is developing capability for nuclear weapons.

And more chillingly: “It would be trivial for anyone with this technology to build a nuclear weapon.”

Google, which has been shaken by its inability to counter Chinese censorship and hacking efforts, may be engaging in enrichment research as part of a new effort to simply protect itself from outside threats.