Improving your Washington Data Center visit, spend extra time at Cave B Inn

If you ever go to Eastern Washington for a Data Center visit, don’t fall into the trap most do, booking your schedule tight to drive in and out. 

I’ve fallen into this trap on my visits to Eastern Washington Data Center in the Quincy, WA area where Microsoft, Yahoo, Intuit, and have data centers.  You leave late in the day after work or people arrive on an evening flight, then drive 2 – 2 1/2 hrs east to the Quincy, WA area.  You ask where to stay and the overwhelming recommendation is Cave B Inn.  You book the corporate rate that one of the companies has with Cave B Inn, and you arrive somewhere between 9 – 11p, the restaurant is closed, you have a full day the next day, then go home.  You wonder to your room after checking in.

And don’t even notice the view as it is dark.

You get up in the morning and see the view.

You missed the wine tasting room.

I just got back from a night’s stay at Cave B Inn and didn’t visit a data center as we had a school auction we had bid on, so this was a pleasure trip, and got a chance to enjoy the visit.  i told my wife I’ve been here before and she couldn’t believe how nice it was.

Here is a 360 degree view I shot this morning.

How nice is the hotel?  When the Dave Matthews band plays at The Gorge Amphitheatre, he books the whole hotel for ten days.


Dave Matthews Band Tickets

The Gorge Amphitheatre
George, WA

If Dave Matthews Band can stay here for 10 days, it’s worth you spending a bit extra time.  I am glad I did.  And, there are many who have learned to make the time if they make frequent trips to Quincy, WA.  But, first timers will miss out. 

BTW, I couldn’t resist sending an e-mail to Mike Manos who has done this trip many times, telling him I was in the Cave B wine tasting room.  I bought two cases of wine after this visit.


Hint: for you those of you bringing customers out to Quincy, don’t miss the opportunity to add the wine tasting.  Who else gets to wine taste as part of a data center visit?