The Greenest Data Center may be the one you don't build

A regular question is what is a green data center.  One simple answer could be I was able to avoid building a new one.  Zero carbon footprint is easy to achieve with no building.

TriplePundit discusses Dell, HP, and Wells Fargo efforts to not build a data center.

IT Giants: The Greenest Data Center is the One That Isn’t Built

By Sheila Samuelson | May 10th, 2010 View Comments

Image source: Data Center Knowledge

Last month, Dell made the somewhat shocking announcement that it may never build another data center. The company was referring to the fact that it’s doubled its workload using no extra power and building no new data centers, simply by squeezing more capacity out of its existing servers. With an industry standard for data server utilization at about 12 to18 percent, there is ample room for improvement. What Dell realized was that by getting rid of its underutilized assets and swapping out the oldest and most outdated 25 percent of servers each year for the newest virtualization models, it would easily recoup its capital expenditures through reduced energy costs.