IBM follows SuperMicros lead with Nvidia Tesla GPU servers

CNET news reports on IBM's new servers with Nvidia Tesla GPU servers.

IBM supercomputer mixes Intel, Nvidia chips

by Brooke Crothers

IBM announced on Tuesday a hybrid high-performance computer that combines Intel and Nvidia processors--a first for IBM.

The IBM iDataPlex Dx360 M3 is powered by both Intel Xeon central processing units (CPUs) and Nvidia Tesla graphics processing units (GPUs) and is designed to be clustered with other Dx360 M3 modular servers to form a supercomputer.

This is the first time a major computer company has adopted Nvidia GPUs for a supercomputer that can be marketed worldwide.

From IBM's Dx360 M3 page.

Solution integration

  • 2x PCIe 16-slot performance for 2 NVIDIA M1060 or M2050 GPUs per server, with high-speed networking without compromising density
  • Delivered fully configured, ready to be powered up and connected to the network for minimal deployment time and effort
  • Factory integrated and tested prior to shipment and installed by IBM

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