Food Recommendation for Uptime Symposium NY, Halal Cart

I've been hearing from friends the food is worse than last year's Uptime Syposium NY at Hilton NY.  Last year when the conference was charging for lunch, I went outside and found good cheap food that was faster and better than inside the conference.

Give the Halal Cart a try.  There is often a line, but the line moves fast and the food is good.

Halal Cart


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52nd and 6th street
New York, NY 10019
Neighborhoods: Theater District, Midtown West

Nikki C.

San Francisco, CA


When my friend dropped off my fiancé & I @ our hotel, Hilton, he was excited to see that we were located right across the street from the famed Halal Cart in Manhattan.  He and several of our New Yorker friends referred to it as the "best halal cart in the city" & every night when we returned to the hotel, regardless of how late it was, this cart had a line stretching down the block.  Of course we had to try it but it was ALWAYS so busy.  Our last day in NY we finally got the chance b/c, for once, there was less than 10 people in line.  We got the lamb over rice, spicy, w/white sauce.  After the 1st bite I was hooked.  That spicy sauce really was spicy - no joke!!!!  It had a huge kick but tasted so good.  Now I know why all those people waited in that ridiculous line all hours of the day & night.  
ONLY $6 - you'd be crazy not to try!!  Worth every penny & your time. TRUST ME.
* cash only

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    Never thought I would write a food review in my blog, but I feel sorry for my friends who feel like they are stuck, and the complaints are louder than last year.  If I had known the food complaints would be louder than last year, I would have blogged about Halal Cart before the event started.

    BTW, I hear Uptime Symposium will be in NY as well, so you can use this recommendation for those who go to 2011 event.