Bill Gates other execs recommend $16 billion/yr investment in clean energy

CNET news covers Bill Gates and other execs recommendations for clean energy investment.

Gates, other execs call for more energy spending

by Lance Whitney

Bill Gates and other corporate figures say America's current energy strategy is hurting the economy, the environment, and national security and is asking the government to devote more money to fuel alternative energy.

The group, dubbed the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC), released a detailed report on Thursday highlighting the problem and offering its own recommendations (PDF). Members of the group were due to meet with President Obama in the White House to discuss their concerns and possible remedies.

The site with Bill Gates and others is here.


We have had the great privilege, as business leaders, of building companies that have become leaders in their respective fields, and employ hundreds of thousands of American workers. Our experience in building these companies has given us a common and unshakable belief in the power of innovation.

And, a PDF. With 5 recommendations.


Create an independent national energy strategy board.

Invest $16 billion per year in clean energy innovation.

Create Centers of Excellence with strong domain expertise.

Fund ARPA-E at $1 billion per year.

Establish and fund a New Energy Challenge Program to build large-scale pilot projects.