Santa Clara Valley Water District restricts water use

Water is a topic that few discuss in data centers, but more and more thanks to companies like Google and data center leaders like Mike Manos water is discussed much more than 2 years ago.  Water is a category I added from the beginning to this Green Data Center blog.

I am in SJ for the last few days, and the SJ Mercury had the Water Crisis Over? on the front page.

Water crisis over? Everywhere in the Bay Area but Santa Clara County

By Paul Rogers

Posted: 06/15/2010 06:24:25 PM PDT

Updated: 06/15/2010 09:04:58 PM PDT

Grass is green. Reservoirs are brimming. Rainfall in San Jose is 114 percent of normal. The Sierra was thick with snow all spring.

Yet, despite the wettest spring since 2006, Silicon Valley's largest water provider on Tuesday voted to keep in place mandatory water conservation measures for this summer, becoming the only Bay Area water agency to demand reductions from the public this year rather than asking for voluntary savings.

"Don't be fooled by the rain. Our worries aren't over," said Dick Santos, chairman of the Santa Clara Valley Water District board. "From now on, conservation is a way of life. We have the same amount of water today as when Adam and Eve were on Earth. Now we have billions of

One of these days water conservation will be a standard practice for the majority of data centers.  Don't just think of the cost of the water and sewage, but the risks to your data center operations for a given amount of water use?  I bet most data centers would run out of water before power if the facility was islanded due to utility infrastructure failure.  The trucking in of diesel for generators is manageable.  Trucking in water could be a magnitude more .

Water is one of the most under appreciated Earth's resources.