Analyst predicts Video is next big thing for Apple's New Data Center

ComputerWorld covers an analyst that says Video is the next big thing for Apple's giant data center in North Carolina.

Apple's next big thing? Video, analyst says

Clues in future iPhones and iPads, massive data center point to video-based subscription services

By Gregg Keizer

April 21, 2010 02:31 PM ET

Computerworld - Apple's next big thing may be a video platform that combines cameras in the next versions of the iPhone and iPad with the giant data center the company's building in North Carolina, an analyst said today.

Will video be the market battle between Apple iVideo vs. Google YouTube.

Gottheil thinks that Apple is ready to make a major move into video, and based his bet on a series of clues in the company's upcoming hardware, as well as the $1 billion data center in North Carolina that's now hiring personnel.

Apple has the creative audience and a business model already for downloading videos. 

In the same way that Apple changed the market with iTunes App Store.  Why not sell videos authored in the iPhone 4G?

$0.99 amateur videos could make Apple way more money than Google ads on YouTube.  YouTube is stuck with a free business model.  Apple doesn't have to be free.

Video is one the tough authoring and distribution problems that Apple could solve.

In the same way that the iPod changed music.

Will Apple change video?

And, will AT&T make more money as people download videos on 3G.  That new 2 GB data plan can look really expensive.

Speaking of AT&T, their account site went down today.

AT&T's account site crumbles under iPhone owner load

Early eligibility offer for iPhone 4 upgrade swamps site

By Gregg Keizer

June 7, 2010 05:35 PM ET

Computerworld - AT&T's account management site went dark Monday after Apple announced that its U.S. partner would waive contract requirements to allow more customers to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 this month.

The site came back online at about 5 p.m. ET.