I built my datacenter in 5 minutes - AWS sticker

AWS has a trade offer for AWS fans. 

Amazon will send you the following stickers in exchange for.

  • Some stickers from your company or group.
  • A picture of your team, perhaps enhanced with your company or product logo.
  • An interesting piece of SWAG.
  • A blog post detailing the ways in which your company puts AWS to use, complete with an architecture diagram.
  • If you'd like some stickers, send us your offering and include a self-addressed envelope (we'll take care of the postage) to the following address:

    Amazon Web Services
    Attn: AWS Stickers
    P.O. Box 81226
    Seattle, WA

    Hopefully, by writing this blog entry one of my AWS friends can get me some stickers. :-)  I want the datacenter one.