I built my datacenter in 5 minutes sticker

I blogged about the Amazon Web Services stickers AWS is offering, and I had an envelope full of stickers when I returned from my trip to DCD SF.


I took the "I built my datacenter in 5 minutes" sticker and put it on my laptop along with "work hard. have fun. make history."


Can your company compete against a bunch of start-ups who are building data center capacity in 5 minutes leveraging Amazon's purchasing power?

Sometimes it is speed of action that wins.

Being able to quickly add and remove capacity is a strategy to green a data center.  This method allows AWS to resell the capacity you don't need which is more efficient, cost effective, and lowers the environmental impact of compute resources.  What does your company do with its idle compute resources?

At DCD SF there was a cloud computing discussion that would have been interesting to get Amazon Web Services as a presenter.

Executive Roundtable: Game Changers – The Impact of the Cloud, Unified Computing and Applications
Managing the Scale of Data Processing, Applications, Content Storage, Data Communications, Risk, Compliance, and Governance
Wael Diab, Technical Director, Broadcom
Tom Mornini, CTO and Co-founder - Engine Yard
James Hughes, Principal Architect – Core Network Product Line – Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (USA)
Stephen Worn, CTO & Managing Director - DatacenterDynamics

I'll see if the AWS folks would be interested in participating in a DCD event.