Lee Tech's Top 10 Data Center Operating Mistakes, Part 2 updated for an architecture order

I wrote on Lee Tech's Top 10 Data Center Mistakes, and made the point of reordering the 10 mistakes for an architecture approach. 

I like the list, but I would change the ordering to create an architecture approach for looking at the issues.  8, 2, 10, 4, 1, 9, 3, 6, 7, 5 is a quick pass at an order I would choose, but I admit this is 3 minutes of thinking about it.

You can go to the updated post here.

Dave, you make two really great points:

  • I think the value of a team discussion is enormous as each customer is different both in requirements, constraints and at what point in the process they currently find themselves.  This discussion would bring out multiple view points and arrive at an even better place than they had started.
  • I had not thought in terms of architecture when sequencing the list, and your three minute analysis is great.  I would make one small change by moving 4 to follow 3 but could see the argument on both sides.

So if you think in terms of building a foundation on which each would progressively build, quality should be engineered into every system and process to ensure you can provide a sustainable solution.  Too many data centers have been subjected to enormous impacts that could have been avoided either during construction or operation.  Often, I hear about data centers no more than five years old having enormous infrastructure issues.  So if I wrote the paper over again, I think I would adopt your approach and sequence the list as follows:

Big Mistake #8:
Failure to develop and implement Quality Systems

Big Mistake #2:
Relying too much on data center design

Big Mistake #10:
Thinking you can build a best in breed program as quickly as a data center

<the remaining 7>

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Lee Kirby - thanks for updating your document.