Attending Lee Tech on Tap in Chicago - Aug 5, 2010

Thanks to the folks at Lee Technologies I was extended an invite to attend the Lee Tech on Tap event in Chicago on Aug 5, 2010.  I've written about the event so much, it will be good to see the people and event in person.

I would live blog the event, but I think I'll be too busy talking to people.  I don't expect any press releases surrounding the event so there is no need to hurry and post.


As the event is hosted in an Irish Pub, I am sure I will get the question isn't your name Ohara Irish.

I’ve been to Ireland many times visiting Apple and Microsoft facilities, and my name Dave Ohara so many times my name gets spelled with an apostrophe (like O’Hara).  But I am not Irish even though I have kissed the Blarney stone and bought a family crest for my Dad of O’Hara.  My Ohara surname is Japanese, but I still enjoy Ireland.  I don’t have this problem when I go to Japan. :-)

Ohara is a Japanese surname (e. g.: 小原,尾原,大原)

For those of you attending, I'll probably be one of the few Japanese Americans there, so I should be easy to spot.

Here are a list of things I am looking for:

  1. Why people like the event and how it compares to other data center events?
  2. What are top issues/problems that people think need to be addressed in data centers?
  3. What do people think of the helmet cam idea?
  4. What should I be blogging more about?
  5. Do people think Green is an issue for data centers?

I'll be at the event early and staying late.