Thought Patterns for High Performance

I am spending the next 2 days in a seminar at The Pacific Institute on Thought Patterns for High Performance.


The Nick Saban is a great story of how The Pacific Institute helped the Alabama Football team.  if this good enough for the #1 football team, there is something there to learn.

Psychology of the Data Center, learning from the Science of Football - Alabama’s Nick Saban

I just had a conversation with Tom Roth who introduced me to some of the work that The Pacific Institute does.  Tom and I had an interesting discussion on data centers as he is familiar with real estate development in Eastern Washington’s recent data center build out that has used up hydroelectric power which has little employment impact the original dam developers intended.


One of the points well made is on what Adult Learners Learn and Retain:

  1. 10% of what we HEAR
  2. !5% of what we SEE
  3. 20% of what we both SEE and HEAR.
  4. 40% of what we DISCUSS with OTHERS.
  5. 80% of what we EXPERIENCE.
  6. 90% of what we ATTEMPT to TEACH OTHERS.

This is an excellent point on why some of the top data center industry people are quite social and interact with others.

For those of you who lock your data center people in the building, consider letting them out to let them achieve a higher performance.