Greenpeace turns on the Heat on Facebook's choice for coal power

I've been blogging about the Greenpeace PR campaign to get Facebook to be 100% renewable power since Feb 22, 2010.

Maybe Facebook should have bought a Bloom Box to diffuse Greenpeace’s campaign against a coal powered data center

Thanks to Matt Stansberry’s reporting on SearchDataCenter, attention was drawn to Facebook’s Prineville Data Center being coal powered.

Tiered energy rates bring higher prices for new customers
By 2012, BPA will charge tiered rates for power. Customers that signed 20-year contracts in 2008 will pay tier-one (i.e., inexpensive) pricing for their current electricity demand. These customers use most of the power produced by the dams.

And, have written numerous follow on posts watching the membership #'s rise.

Apple was a Greenpeace target and I am sure they were evaluating Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and many others with their energy consuming data centers.

Greenpeace was waiting for the right data center operator to go after, and their poster child is Facebook.

Note: the Associated Press (AP) coverage of the Greenpeace announcement means there are hundreds more media outlets reporting on this Greenpeace story.

We'll see what Facebook's next move and how many more people sign up for the Greenpeace Facebook pages for 100% renewable power.

There are a bunch of people sighing in relief they are not a Greenpeace target.  But beware, as Greenpeace targets another data center operator.  Is Twitter next going to Salt Lake City?

Here is the current media coverage.

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