Data Center Poll asks who is right Greenpeace or Facebook?

DataCenterKnowledge has a poll that's been up for 3 days asking who's right? Greenpeace or Facebook.  When I took the poll, it was about 60% Facebook, 20% Greenpeace, 20% neither.


Who’s Right? Greenpeace or Facebook?

September 17th, 2010 : Rich Miller

Greenpeace has been blasting Facebook over the fact that the company’s new Oregon data center will receive its power from a local utility that gets the majority of its power from coal. As Greenpeace steps up its campaign with letters and videos targeting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, we thought we’d get your opinion. Who’s right in this dispute? Take our poll.

Who's right? Facebook or Greenpeace?

Facebook: Improved energy efficiency is the best way to reduce the carbon impact of data centers. 19.33%

Greenpeace: As major power users, data centers must shift to non-coal energy. 69.89%

Neither: Site selection is complicated. Can't we all get along? 10.79%

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I went to the Facebook 100% renewable that Greenpeace has up. No mention. So, the 290,000 members didn't get a chance to fill out the poll in favor of Greenpeace.

Huh, 70% vs. 20% think Greenpeace is right.  Who would have thought these results from a technical data center crowd.

If you go out to the mass public, what would be numbers be?  The folks at Greenpeace must be feeling good.

Their Facebook: Unfriend Coal is up to 150, 751 views.