William Gibson signs his first Kindle (mine) at a Zero History book signing

A friend and I went to hear William Gibson read a chapter from his new book Zero History.

Zero History

While William was reading a chapter,  I decided to download the book to my Kindle 3.  After reading the chapter, William took 1/2 an hour to answer various questions.

One of the questions was on how William uses Twitter, and he told the story of "Detection of Novelty" and how he used to spend $200-$300 on foreign magazines and randomly flip through them to simply lte him be attracted to what catches his eye.  With Twitter he focuses on finding efficient novelty aggregators that gives him the exposure he used to get from his foreign magazines.

When watching the standing room only crowd holding their hardcopy books, I thought what does William think about book signing with people having Kindles?  I decided to ask William this question which turned out to be the last before book signing.

William responded with humor that he could use a carbide tip to etch his signature in a strategic place, and how some people have brought those silver pens to sign black things.  Then there were some fanatics who wanted William to sign their laptops and motherboards.  William went on a bit more and used my question to end the session and transition to book signing.


Luckily, I sat in the front next to the door where they were going to start the line for book signing.  My friend went 1st as he had a hardcopy book.  I was next with my Kindle 3.  I showed William my Kindle 3 screen and chapter 1 of Zero History, and asked him to sign the Kindle 3.


William Gibson said this is the first Kindle he has signed.

I asked the last question, on the first day of William Gibson's book signing tour for Zero History, and have the first Kindle he has signed.


Boy I am glad I sat in the front and was #2 and not in the line of a hundred people behind me.  ;-)

Is this a new trend to have book authors sign Kindles?  I don't know, but I have the first Kindle signed by William Gibson.

And, here is William's tweet.

Signed very first Kindle at Microsoft. Actually, *touched* very first Kindle. Appealing unit, IMO.36 minutes ago via Twitterrific