Gaming + Advertising, Zynga's opportunity to be one of the fastest

Zynga has made changes in their data center networks with solutions like peering in Equinix facilities with Facebook's equinix presence.  Low latency networks have three big markets - securities trading, gaming, and advertising.  Zynga plays in gaming and will in advertising.

Zynga just hired a Facebook advertising executive to head up Zynga's advertising strategy.

Mike Murphy Takes Senior Advisor Role at Zynga

by Kara Swisher
Posted on January 23, 2011 at 7:02 PM PT

Mike Murphy–Facebook’s first head of advertising sales, who left the social networking giant in October to take some personal time off–seems done with relaxing.

He is now taking a part-time, but significant, role at online gaming phenom Zynga to help formulate its advertising strategy.

In addition, Murphy is also close to formalizing a consulting relationship with Facebook.

Given there has been strong interest from more obvious Facebook competitors in retaining Murphy–including Google and Twitter–his move to Zynga is probably the best outcome for it.

Facebook and Zynga have an interesting relationship.

Although the relationship has been tense at times, Zynga remains one of Facebook’s major strategic partners.

Here is some news that discusses the relationship in more details.

Zynga has been a high-profile user of cloud computing services, using tools fromRightScale and NorthScale to run its gaming infrastructure on Amazon EC2. It’s not immediately clear how Zynga’s data center space will fit into its infrastructure or its growth plans.

The reports of the data center lease come amid rampant speculation of tensions between Zynga and Facebook, which could prompt Zynga to launch a stand-alone social gaming network. Even if Zynga and Facebook grow apart, their infrastructure would remain close. Facebook is a major tenant at ACC5, and will have thousands of servers in the same location as Zynga’s reported new data center space.