Day One, at IT Asset Management Conference

A few months ago, I decided to start studying the state of Asset Management in data centers.  Fortunately, there is a conference on Asset Management, and when checking with some friends they were also attending the same conference.


When people think about greening the data center they think about the building.  Some are thinking about the energy efficiency of their equipment.

But, only a few are thinking of how asset management and better utilization of their assets fits in a green data center strategy.

I am used to going to conferences that can be a little geeky.  This conference is about people who live and drink (even in the bars) asset management.

There are a lot of eWaste companies here and software asset management.  Hardware asset management is covered as well and RFID has a  presence with companies like RF Code which many of us have run into at other data center conferences and given many of the guys came from APC NetBotz team there are familiar faces.

There is a small group of people I've been hanging with who are focused on data center asset management at the scale that is interesting, not 10,000 servers, but more around 100,000.

Overall the first day was a good, and I am looking forward to a 2nd day of diving in deeper.