Lawyer's view of Data Center Incentives, Taxes, and Sustainability 7x24 presentation

The Data Center ecosystem is filled predominantly with engineering, real estate, operations, and IT staff.  Rarely will you find a lawyer in the room.  On the other hand, the local, state, and federal ecosystem has an abundance of legal expertise.

I found this Dilbert comic with a lawyer and a technical guy talking to the CEO, and it is funny and gets across the point that companies go to the technical guy first.


One of my data center friends is a lawyer, Jim Grice, and he is presenting at 7x24 exchange on Monday, Nov 14 at 3p.

Breakout B: Site Selection, Incentives, and Sustainability: Legal Issues and Beyond

James W. Grice
Partner & Leader, Project Solutions Group
Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP

Nancy Heimann

Jim has been making great progress being one of the few attorneys who can help the client's legal strategy in data center development.  I know there will be a bunch of us in the room ready to throw out more lawyer jokes.  :-)

How many attorneys does it take to develop a data center?