W Washington Renewable Energy Windfarm cancelled by 1 bird impact every 2 years, beauracracy wins

King5 reports on a Western Washington renewable energy project that was cancelled by the environmental impact to an endangered bird.

By Associated Press
updated 1 hour 15 minutes ago

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Plans for the first major wind farm in Western Washington have been canceled because of federal restrictions to protect a threatened seabird, the marbled murrelet.

Richland-based Energy Northwest and four southwest Washington utilities spent four years and more than $4 million trying to put 32 wind turbines on Radar Ridge near Naselle. The Tri-City Herald reports Energy Northwest announced the cancellation Wednesday at a board meeting in Portland.

And, the threat to the seabird occurs once every two years.

Energy Northwest says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service imposed "untenable" restrictions on the wind farm because studies showed one bird could have been harmed every two years.

I am sure there is some environmentalist who wants no harm to occur due to a renewable energy project feels like this is a win.  But, I think the real winner is the bureaucracy.

bureaucracy is an organization of non-elected officials of a governmental or organization who implement the rules, laws, and functions of their institution,[1] and may be[weasel words] characterized by officialism and red tape.